About Us

Find out more about how we do things and who is behind the site.

We offer clear, easy-to-understand, and field-proven online marketing strategies. We have started and expanded our own agency website, which generates millions of dollars. Coming here is not easy. Along the way, we made hundreds of mistakes that cost us time and money. Throughout this journey, constant values ​​drive us to learn.

The content on this site and in our courses is the product of all the knowledge we have learned together.

We have taken what really works and is a step-by-step education that beginners and professionals use to start growing and empowering their online business.

For years, we have tried to collect the information we have learned from blogs, groups, forums, podcasts, YouTube, and Masterminds. Knowing who to trust when looking for answers to your questions is always a challenge. These are the answers we look for a lot because we know that competent sites are a business model where we can earn a lot of money.

The result of our past frustrations is the training we need before our trip. We record everything we do, which guides the formation of our team. This forces us to internalize each problem, solve it in detail, and explain it in an easy-to-follow way.

When others know about the training we have developed, they need it for themselves. Authority Hacker was born with the idea of ​​sharing the best of online marketing knowledge in a simple practice for people to follow.

We are more than teachers From the results of our website work, we are constantly learning and sharing the knowledge of what works. We also make our sites public and show practical examples using what we teach to work on these sites. Our highest traffic site, Health Ambition, has had more than 25 million visits since its inception. Fast forward to today and we’ve helped thousands of people quit their jobs, scale their traffic, automate business processes, and monetize their websites.

Why are we special?

We don’t want you to think of us as a guru.

The truth is, we hate the same magical side of online marketing as you. The sales page with a fake countdown timer and photos of the sports car flatters us.

Many marketers put a lot of effort into making you feel good, not us. We focus on being as lint and action-free as possible. We teach how we want to learn on our own, providing simple and helpful tips that almost anyone can follow.

The beginning of the journey is to quit your job and get enough money to pay the next month’s rent. Until then, we weren’t ready to sell our spirits for quick profits. We want to achieve our goals honestly.

These days, this means that we are only recommending products and services that we truly love, no matter how much we get paid to recommend them. (One of the advantages of using other websites is that we don’t need your money.) If something goes wrong, we’ll tell you right away.

We are not here to sell you dreams you can never achieve. We are here to help you earn money and guide you every step of the way.

Why are we doing this?

First of all, we are very interested. We found it fun, and it’s no wonder we were both hardcore gamers before we got into the online business. Our next site is just an internet search network MMORPG.

Also, seeing our readers drastically change their lives is what motivates us to continue developing Authority Hacker.

This can be anything from people quitting their day jobs to managing full-time job sites while traveling the world. To expand this existing site more than you thought, using our strategy OR you could sell your site for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are also actively learning from the thousands of smart marketers in our community. This is an essential part of the Authority Hacker two-way community.

We generate discussions and show transparency about how we do things. The community will continue to develop ideas for all of our members to get the best focus and recognize it.

As a French philosopher, Montaigne says, “I don’t do more with my book than he does with me.” The same applies to the Authority Hacker community.